A Curated list of articles about design solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency products.
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One of the most significant obstacles against blockchain and cryptocurrency products from entering daily lives is bad user experiences. It is extremely difficult to figure out for someone who isn’t tech-savvy. I believe bringing better design solutions to blockchain and cryptocurrency platforms would increase the accessibility. Special thanks to all designers who share their experiences with the community.

Design Thinking for Blockchains

by Engin Erdogan

Designing for Blockchain

by Kevin Fleming

Blockchain Design Principles

by Sarah Baker Mills

Designing the Best UX for the Blockchain

by Nicola Di Marco

Blockchain and Design

by Blake Hudelson

Why Designers Need to Start Thinking About Blockchain


A Decentralized Design Practice

by Sarah Baker Mills

The Principles of Designing for Blockchain

by Sam Carter

The User Experience of Blockchain

by Vanessa Colina

Why Blockchain Needs Design

by Katharine Schwab

Blockchain Needs Service Design to Succeed

by Peter McNally

10 Lessons: Design Thinking for Blockchain

by John Palfreyman

An Open Source Blockchain Design Story

by Ed Moffatt

A Non-Architect’s Guide to Blockchain Architecture

by Ed Moffatt

How Design Thinking and Blockchain Can Uncover All The Unknowns

by Greg Dillon

Blockchain As A Design Thinking 2.0 Tool

by Burkhard Blechschmidt

How To Solve The Three Organisational Blockchain Problems With Design Thinking

by Ink Strategy

Disruptive UX of Blockchain: What You Should Focus On?

by Tanya Nativ

Designing for Blockchain: What’s Different and What’s at Stake

by Sarah Baker Mills

Designing for Curated Cryptocommunity

by Gabrielle Micheletti

Blockchain is a “1%” Conversation, and That Needs to Change

by Saya Iwasaki

A framework of UX rules for Blockchain based Distributed Applications

by beltran

Bitcoin's Most Pressing Issue Summarized in Two Letters: UX

by Yazin Akkawi

Cryptocurrency payment UX process

by Samantha Shaibani

Design Thinking for Blockchain Development

by Cindy Mallory

Why design is the killer app for crypto

by Connie Yang